RV’s, Boats, and Commercial Accounts

RV, Boat, & Commercial Detailing Services

Deluxe Mobile Detail offers professional RV, 5th Wheel, Travel Trailers, boat and commercial detailing services. As every individual responsible for these types of vehicles knows, cleaning dirt and grime from traveling many miles on the road or exposure to the environment is a long arduous task. Through proven experience and excellent customer service, Deluxe Mobile Detail services KOA sites, commercial agencies and private owners throughout San Diego in maintaining their ‘vacation homes on wheels’, watercraft and commercial service vehicles clean and beautiful.

Beginning from the roof of your vehicle on down and throughout the driver’s areas, Deluxe Mobile Home Detail will:

Pre-Treat and Wash
  • Begin with enzyme pre-wash removing insects, bird droppings and dirt
  • Apply soap pressure wash
  • Apply de-ionized water pressure wash
  • Apply acid-free wheel degreaser with pressure wash
  • Follow up with complete clay bar process to applicable vehicles
Polish and Wax
  • Apply clear coat restoration
  • Apply polishing compound
  • Apply sealing and protecting wax
  • Buff and glaze to high shine
Cleaning of Drivers Cabin Area
  • Clean and then dress dash, doors and seats to applicable areas
  • Steam clean carpets and floor mats to applicable areas
Additional Detailing Touch-Ups
  • Cleaning of interior and exterior windows
  • Apply protective tire dressing
  • Apply sanitizer and air freshener

Because of various RV, boat commercial sizes and services provided for both exterior and interior, Deluxe Mobile Detail asks that you provide specific detail needs so that we can provide and accurate estimate of your vehicle.

Keep in mind that we can offer additional services such as:
  • Oxidation removal (sun damaged faded fiberglass)
  • Complete cleaning of entire RV and boat interior
  • Minor dent – scratch removal and repair