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Steam Carpet Cleaning San Diego

If the home or business is filled with lots of foot traffic, vacuuming is obviously one essential to keep the carpet clean as abrasive dirt and debris are sucked away that can wear down carpet. However, a vacuum cleaner does not guard against spills, cigarette smoke, bacteria and a host of other detrimental factors that can soil and permanently mar your carpet. Steam cleaning your carpet is an excellent solution at maintaining the cleanliness and care of carpeting.

Deluxe Mobile Detail uses powerful steam cleaning equipment professionally truck-mounted that sprays a hot water solution at high pressure onto carpet. Water is then simultaneously siphoned back out with contaminants found on the carpet. This process is also known as hot water extraction and is thoroughly effective in cleaning residential and commercial carpet along with tile and grout flooring along with upholstery.

Steam carpet cleaning on a regular basis is necessary for proper maintenance and greatly helps to extend the life of carpet. Many top carpeting manufacturers like DuPont will only honor their warranties if the carpet is maintained through the use of hot water extraction.

Deluxe Mobile Detail retains repeat customers with busy homes and businesses by providing a high level of satisfaction in keeping the look, feel and smell of their carpeted areas truly fresh and clean. Call and schedule a consultation to discover how your carpet investment can benefit from professional steam cleaning.

Carpet Cleaning Prices:

$25 per area

Includes the following

  • Pre-condition
  • Pre spot treatment
  • Deodorizer
  • ┬áSteam cleaned with a truck mount system
  • Fast Dry
  • No hidden costs

* Walk in closets range from 5 to 10 dollars.
* A Large area is equivalent to two areas.
* Sofa and loveseat special, call for price.
* Some furniture moved.
* Deep cleaning extra for dirty carpets.
* Scotchguard Services Available.

$60.00 minimum

Tile and Grout Cleaning

.50 per square foot for cleaning
$1.00 per square foot for cleaning and sealing


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