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Deluxe Mobile Detail San Diego

Car vehicles today are painted with a soft clear coat of paint that satisfies the standards of the EPA. But, a clear coat paint application by itself is extremely susceptible to environmental conditions like hard water, grime from the road, sun damage and many other pollutants. Over time, the vehicle’s paint exterior will begin to oxidize and visibly wear if not regularly maintained.

Deluxe Mobile Auto Detail provides expert automotive, boat, watercraft and recreational vehicle detailing services throughout all of San Diego. We take great pride in bringing a long lasting showroom shine throughout the entire exterior and interior of your prized vehicle possessions built from over 10 years experience and the use of top detailing products, polishes and protection sealants.

Deluxe Mobile Auto Detail uses three fundamental elements to keeping car and vehicle owners satisfied.

  • Cleaning – thoroughly removing surface dirt such as tar and tree sap from the vehicle exterior through pressure washing and beneficial use of a clay bar application.
  • Polishing – using a combination of hand and machine techniques to remove fine scratches and swirls to help produce a clear vibrant exterior.
  • Protecting – applying protective sealants that provide a long lasting barrier against the impending elements.

With our mobile detail service, we are able to conveniently schedule a session within your driveway at home or parking lot at work. Feel free to contact us about any questions that you may have about detailing your vehicle.

Use the best products

Anything else will ruin your car. If you’re going to do it, do it right. Don’t trust your car with anybody else. Deluxe Mobile Detailing will take care of your car like it was their own. Keeping your car clean shouldn’t be stressful, let us take care of it.

People will notice

Remember when your car was new? Don’t be surprised when people start complementing your car again.

Hand Wash
Cars | Vans & SUV | Large Trucks
Exterior Detail
Cars | SUV/Trucks
Interior Detail
Cars | SUV/Trucks
Express Detail
Cars | SUV/Trucks
Complete Detail
Cars | SUV/Trucks | Vans
Windows: Inside & Out
Dash & Console Wiped Out
Tires Dressed
Vacuum Seats and Carpet
Air Freshener
Hand Wash
Hand Waxing
Wheels Detailed
High Speed Polish
Clay Bar Treatment
Trim & Rubber Dressed
Chrome Polished
Shampoo Mats, Carpets
Door Panels
Leather Cleaned & Cond.
Vinyl Cleaned & Cond.

* Prices may vary according to size and condition of vehicle.
* Dog hair extra.
* Scotchguard and Teflon Sealant Services Available.